In the pink!

Partly sun, cloudy and rain by teatime.

Chatted to my friend, had breakfast and then went out with K., first to Priory Park for coffee and a biscuit, sitting in the sunshine.  We then walked into Southend for me to take items back to M & S, back up the High Street to Sainsbury's where I managed to get some wholemeal  SR flour, my usual stockist hadn't had any for a long while.  Walked back to the car and I picked up some large conkers to put indoors to keep spiders at bay! Came home and had lunch.
This afternoon I phoned another friend for a chat and went to see another.  Drove the car and all went well.  I do like snapdragons so that is my blip but the extra is a fuchsia that I've been trying to get a reasonable photo of, this still doesn't show the real darkness of the underneath.

Have a good weekend all and I hope you don't get wet!  Here the ground still needs rain so its welcome, especially at night!

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