Living my dream

By Mima

Who’s looking at you?

The sun came out gradually and warmed the place sufficiently for Bean to snooze on the new cabin deck.

I spent the morning in the kitchen, making yoghurt with the new kit - see the extra. The instructions were simple to follow and I’m delighted with the result.

I also made a new batch of crackers, having finished the last ones with yesterday’s ricotta. And I used the whey from the cheese-making in a couple of loaves of bread. It created some of the best bread I’ve ever baked.

After lunch I got into the garden. Potatoes were planted. I don’t eat a lot of spuds, but I do love the Pink Fir Apple variety and always grow half a dozen.

Then I got down onto hands and knees to hand weed one of the decorative borders.

I am much more on top of the garden than any previous year: there’s been no time for spring weeding of the flower beds before. It bodes well for the future. My aim is to work smarter not harder as the years progress, and I’m trying to set up systems and areas of plants which enable me to gradually step back. Of course the veg and fruit harvest months from January to April will always be busy, but that’s okay.

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