What I've Done

By JohnGravett

11 years

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and faves on yesterday's Blip - I even made it to page 1 of the populars - a rare thing for me! I really appreciate your comments.

11 years ago today I was journeying back from a Tuscany workshop as my Father passed away - I regret every day that I wasn't with him at the end, but in some ways his passing made me start Blipping - I wanted to be able to remember "stuff", things, places we've visited anniversaries, etc.

Thanks Dad

The montage is a bunch of pics I've dug out of a box I keep in my office of Mum & Dad's photos. They were competitive ballroom dancers. I showed these to Deb today - she'd never seen how slim my Mum was (she had a 22 inch waist).

They never leave you, do they?

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