Three brothers

The last two times I was up at Kintail we did the Five Sisters. 

so this time we did the Three brothers, just the three munros to the East of the Five Sisters on the same ridge. The morning was rainy and miserable, but it cheered up in the afternoon, making the distant  hills visible and amazing. 

The route off became complicated by my finding myself tail end Charlie and losing the rest of the group. Since it was a convex hill and I had no idea which way to contour to find them I just headed straight down and headed for the road. 

I suspect I took a shorter route than the rest of them, but it was very hard walk off. I came close to getting jelly legs as I neared the road. 

Luckily my absence had been noticed and after phone reception had been re-established we were able to regroup and get swept up by our pre-planned car collection, just not in the place originally planned. 

Back to the hostel for pasta and other refreshments we sat and told long tales of other club trips and were generally sociable. 

What a lovely day. 

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