By littlemissquirk


The saga of my stepfather continues. Having being diagnosed with terminal cancer and given a couple of months to live… in April 2021… he’s still very much with us in body but not mind. It’s been a difficult year but took a bad turn early September and has been in hospital with urosepsis.
Discharged on Monday to my 84 year old frail mum with no support, no instructions on how to look after him. Nothing except a career popping in once a day.
It’s been frustrating as I can drive far yet so had to wait to be driven down to help. What a draining day. He’s beyond the ability of my mums care and the two of struggled to cope to keep him comfortable and safe.
Zero mobility, zero communication just sad to see and it was a relief to get him to bed at 8.
With no information of whether palliative care is appropriate or back into hospital or a nursing home, I just shake my head at how this can continue let alone end.

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