By DonnaWanna

Musical Madness

Its been a very busy day at work, heaps of customers all day long and much hustle and bustle all day!!  
In one of the rare quiet moments it occurred to me that I should try and get a blip for tonight. 
I said to the workshop gurus what sort of fascinating musical thing have you got that I could use for tonight’s blip?
They suddenly sprang into action with a complicated story and a fascinating pose, apparently the mixer was trying to eat Isaac!!  
Fortunately I had my camera in my hand ready to catch the unexpected!!  
It was a moment of hilarity and I’ve added some grunge to make the dystopian scenario even more creepy! : )

We repair musical equipment so I was kind of expecting something more machine oriented ; ). I didn't get another shot of anything so I’m stuck with this one!

I’m afraid I’m worn out like an old slipper and have to go to bed, 5.45am is looming large…eek… yawn…zzzz!! : )

Thanks to V1k1 and AndrewNZ for hosting this month! : )

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