By Nanzy19

Bagpipe music

The theme for MonoMonday is Musical.  Thanks to V1K1 and AndrewNZ for hosting this month.
The first instrument that I learned to play was the pipes. I joined a pipe band as a young teen and travelled the province and Alaska, playing and marching in parades. Females and males of all ages, from teens to a man in his 60s. We had great fun. I love the pipes and wish I still had mine, but I do still have my chanter and music! Must try to play a tune on of these days. There wasn't a pipe band in the next town where we lived but I did continue to play by myself until we moved here. My pipes were stored and the bag got mouldy. Sometimes I wonder if I'd have learned to play the pipes if we hadn't come from Scotland to BC.
I took photos of my tutor book, chanter and a song sheet and combined them. 

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