By J0shua

Look there in the sky

its a bird, no its a plane, its superman .... no its the sydney harbour bridge.

It interests me that the two blokes are marveling at the engineering while the wives chat. No comment, just saying!

Spent the day in the city (mostly). The plans to get a photo of a big red X next to opera house didn't work out by a mere 10 minutes. The wind picked up as the day progressed and blew the sign down. I arrived as they were packing it up. A sad sob story about travelling for hours to get a photo of that red X didn't work.... doh. Sorry peeps I couldn't deliver on my Tedx promise made in yesterdays Opera House blip.

On the trip to McMahons point the ferry first visits Milsons Point (Luna Park) just after passing under the bridge. This photo is of us arriving into the wharf while the Luna Park entrance & ferris wheel is still visible. The building/structure on the waterline to the right is North Sydney pool. I'd argue this pool has the best views in the world. You can disagree but you'll need to provide evidence that there is another (public) pool with better views.

Torn between this photo and my alternate blip. Can't explain the reasons for my selection, some mysteries are best not understood.

Ferris, Ferry, Luna, Laughs in LARGE

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