Another very lazy day. I went out to photograph a pretty light yellow butterfly that has been on the butterfly bush. I could see a branch move but there appeared to be nothing there. When I got very close, I could see the mantis. At one point it very deliberately looked at the camera but I wasn’t ready to get a clear shot. Then it slowly climbed to the next branch. Guess the phone did not look appetizing. These insects give me the creeps knowing how aggressive they can be. It’s probably the reason the butterflies have disappeared. Hubby put down the fall fertilizer while I cleaned the kitchen and fed the birds. He has gone shopping and to pick up meds. I’ve deleted many files from my phone and laptop and worked on menus for our next two WV trips. But that’s it for the day. We received no more weird calls thank goodness. Millie and I are ready for a nap. Hopefully, your day was more productive. Thanks for dropping by. “A praying mantis never makes a move unless it knows for sure what the next move is going to be.” - Shiroko Sokich

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