By sofiavillanueva


Strava Day 498. Reading, mindful breakfast and indoor yoga done.

Featured photo is self-timed. Set my phone to "timed-burst" mode. Out of two attempts at 120 frames, only 20 or 30 photos turned out to be focused with good framing.

Found yesterday (without B) to be highly stressful. Had to go to T's school three times and had to deal with his quirks (a mix of annoying and charming qualities) on my own. Two of my highschool classmates who came to pick up their kids from Central saw me and greeted me but since I was focused on T and was already quite exhausted, did not have the energy to smile or small talk. When we got home, told T to look around him and reminded him of how privileged he is and that maybe he can tweak his habits a bit for all of us (after minutes of nagging (?),he did what I asked him to do but with obvious annoyance and went back to playing Roblox).
6:20 AM here now. Despite everything, am still grateful. Reminding myself of what my father always tells me: Do not attach your happiness with a particular person, thing or situation. Train yourself to remain unaffected with whatever people say. Master your emotions.

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