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By HeidiAndDolly

A Square Meal

I got this new gadget last week for Alfie the Campervan. It’s called a Ridgemonkey - popular with fishermen cooking at the bank, and also campers. I was a bit reluctant to get one, but everyone raves about them so I finally gave in. I made a delicious toasted cheese sandwich a few days to while I was out in Alfie at my new favourite picnic spot. And tonight I decided to make an omelet. But this time I never left home! I was in the driveway, just pretending I was camping! Saving much money on petrol and campsite fees! I didn’t sleep in Alfie on the driveway, but I have done!

Anyway - I liked the omelet. It was a great way to make one. I always struggle to get an omelet cooked all the way through and I often cheat by finishing it off under the grill. But this double-sided pan gets the job done nicely! Maybe I’m glad I got it after all. I must try a few more things before I’m totally convinced.

I’m catching up with my blips - again!! 5 posted today. Feel free to scroll back if you’d like to!

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