The bloody flag in Madrid

Bill and Richard took us on a drive along the Turquoise Trail, where there were once turquoise mines, and where a little town called Madrid (pronounced MAH-drid), formerly a mining town, has become a hippie art colony. This work moved me more than anything else I saw there, though I didn't see the artist's name. 

They drove us up to the highest point in town, Sandia Crest, from which we could see the whole 189 square miles of this spread-out, flung-wide city (Extra 1).

In the evening we took a long walk along Route 66, where there is neon, architecture from Art Deco to the 1950s and 60s, and a mural against which are the shadows, from right to left, of Richard, Bill, Sue, and me (2nd extra). 

Thank you all for your interest, your generosity, and your enjoyment of our adventure. Tomorrow we leave Albuquerque and we may not have wifi for a while, so don't worry. I'll catch up when I can.

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