By Charente

Marbled Newt.

This little newt was trying to get in our back door this morning.  I managed to move her on some cardboard to a safer place.  The Marbled newt (Triturus marmoratus) is a mainly terrestrial newt native to the Iberian Peninsula and France in Europe. Despite ongoing threats to their habitat from agricultural intensification, the species is considered to be locally abundant in parts of the Iberian Peninsula; however, in northern and central France, the species is considered to be endangered. This is a female.  A fully protected species.
Raining again for much of the day and not a lot going on.  I brought in some more wood; we have the wood burner heating up the lounge.  I also picked some kale from the garden for dinner tonight.
For dinner tonight I have two duck’s legs in the slow cooker.  I will probably serve them with kale, parsnips, and potatoes, not sure what I might do with the potatoes yet I seem to have a lot of white vegetables in stock at present with cauliflower as well.  I do like to try and do 3 different colours – something that my Mum always did!  I should have looked for some carrots in the garden when it was dry but….
I hope that you all have a good weekend and that it is not too cold.  Thanks for all the comments on my Calendula and bug.


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