David J. Rose

By djrose007


Poor little Jonty had a bit of an accident today. I took him to the recycling centre, fondly still known as 'The Tip'. On the way back he started to shake which usually means he needs the loo.
I stopped at Go-Outdoors and walked him around the car park perimeter. Sure enough, he did a wee but as he was stepping off the kerb he yelped. I tried to look at his paw, because he couldn't put it down and started to hop along on one front paw. I carried him to the car and examined his foot, he was still whining and whimpering, but I couldn't see any damage to the pads and nothing between the claws. I was expecting to find a bit of glass or something.
It was obviously painful so I just got him to lie down on the seat and drove home.
I put an elastic bandage on the bottom part of the leg but he really didn't like that, wish I'd taken a photo then as it looked a lot worse with the bandage on!
Over the next hour or so it seemed to ease off and he is now totally ok, even going up and down the stairs.
We've decided that we can't let him jump in and out of the car though, he's getting quite old and next time he might not get away with it so easily.

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