Northern Star

By Lifferz

Turning tides

I’ve been reading up on laundry strips or ‘leaves’ over the past few months. The idea is you put one or two strips in your washing machine with a load of clothes and then it should wash them well. They are incredibly light in weight so great in terms of haulage costs/ or for grabbing during a shop on the move where you have to walk a few miles afterwards and don’t fancy lugging a load of liquid in a bottle. I suspect they could be fab for travel and holiday laundry.

The reviews for these items have been pretty mixed until quite recently so I’ve avoided buying them. I’m hoping as more producers enter the market the products are getting better. I ordered one lot online (smells divine) and the other lot I got at my local supermarket this weekend (smells much more traditional and kind of artificial flowers). I’m hoping they work and will report back. Supermarket one is in use tonight at 3am (when my electric is cheap!)

The only problem I can see is that if you have hard water, like me, or if items are heavily soiled, then you have to use 2 strips, so I can see my resources being depleted quickly.

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