The Way I See Things



Having spotted a few lone Oxystoma pomonae recently, making their way into the trees and shrubs in the wild garden where they'll attempt to overwinter, I've been keeping an eye out for the next stage in the process, which is when they pair up to cuddle the colder months away. Not that it is cold yet - we're still enjoying something of an Indian summer here - but that hasn't stopped this couple getting themselves into the zone. Now that I've found the first pair of the autumn, I expect them to turn up in increasing numbers - both in my garden and in my journal.

My alternative choice for today's post is an Opilione, Paroligolophus agrestis, which I found on the log pile by the wildlife pond, underneath the maple on which I'd photographed the weevils. I've posted this harvestman species a couple of times recently, but I like the lines and angles in this image so much that it almost made it to the top spot tonight. Cuddling weevils though...

I'd been intending to go on a small road trip today, at least as far as Trench Wood, but I woke up with resurgent Covid symptoms and decided it would be wiser to spend a quiet day at home. I'm now very, very bored, and very, very grumpy.

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