By EcoShutterBug


I took this image of an apartment building in Rome because of the TV antennae and their cables draped down its side. The jumble of wire cables seemed to me to capture the semi-organized spirit of Rome. The traffic is scary (traffic lanes are for approximate guidance only), people park almost anywhere (even on pedestrian crossing and at corners), crumbling ruins abound, and rubbish is often spilled across the pavement .. and some people even run their TV cables across other people's balconies and outside the buildings rather than inside! All this would aggravate many New Zealand town planners.

I developed the image in colour, but also tried it in Black & White to try to make those TV cables more visible.  Then in the spirit urged by this week’s ‘Mono Monday’ challenge, I substituted the usual Black & White used in monochrome with the garish green glow of a cathode ray tube to resonated with the TV theme. I confess I liked the image most in the original colour, but here goes – I’ll be interested in Blippers thoughts on this experiment and the others coming in today.

Despite teetering around chaos, Rome works for residents and millions of tourists alike! It is a beautiful city and one that I could return to over and over.

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