My Daily Life in Photo's.

By Mothermudd


Captured in one photo with fallen leaves & a Gourd that my friend Jane gave me the other day.
My day started at approx 4am when my mobile phone rang, someone from Manchester, I don't know anyone in Manchester so I didn't answer it' then the landline rang & I jumped up & went downstairs to answer thinking one of my son's were in trouble after visiting Manchester. PANIC set in as I answered.
It was the people that run Telecare for the elderly ringing about Joan, so I got my coat on & went to see Joan.
Joan was unaware as to what had happened & discovered that her button she presses when in trouble was broken. Bless her, she was so upset that I was called out unnecessarily.
My day was messed up after that, I slept in & then once ready I went shopping.
After lunch I pulled up a huge bunch of Fungi in case they were dangerous. 

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