By mollymay49

Fledling Butcher Bird

From the looks of things he could have been trying to take his first flight from the nest that sits right at the top of the pine tree in front of our house, we knew there was a nest of baby butcher birds up there in the pine tree, as the mother had been swooping everyone who passes by our front gate including us.
If it was his first flight then he failed miserably as he sat on the bottom step in the front garden, just looking bewildered and squawking his little lungs out, he couldn't fly that was quite obvious, we brought him indoors and placed his in a small cosy box until our Daughter In Law arrived she takes in all sorts of critters, and has nursed them back to health in no time, once he can flap his wings properly she will bring his back and release him near the tree he feel out of and hopefully he will soar high and not look back..

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