My blip-years

By Silverace

Best birthday party ever?

A good friend (and ex-colleague at KTM) turned 40 and his wife threw the most amazing surprise party... it included private use of a full size dirt track circuit for half a day, plenty of (KTM) cross and enduro bikes to trash on the circuit (see extra), his beloved G-class Benz (see extra 2) secretly transported there and to top it all: the presence of a real Dakar race truck that participated in this years Dakar (and finished 17th in the truck class, being the smallest team to finish the race).
The Dakar truck is navigated by an ex-colleague and the owner even let my friend drive the truck a few laps, albeit not at full blast as it would be a bit of a problem to crash it with only two months to go before it is transported to the start of the '23 Dakar.

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