There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Wonders of the Frost: October, Take a Double Bow!

My husband wanted to go for a jog, so we headed over to the closed road by the Scotia Barrens shooting range. It was around mid-morning when we got there, but it had been a cold night, and a hard frost was still lurking in the shadows.

I walked along with my camera and my tunes box, as a girl in a dream, taking pictures of EVERY SINGLE THING BECAUSE IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. I imagine it looked strange, me with my head down, oohing and aahing over the show on the ground, cooing over the wonders of the frost.

Leaves, twirly things, little flowers, grass. It all looked like magic, or candy, dipped in crystals of sugar. I mean, look at these two, for example. I thought that it looked like a little green plant, taking a bow.

And then its red reflection just below, maybe some kind of Christmas celebration thing. But they are NOT reflections of each other; they are unique, individual plants, dressed in their holiday colors and dipped in sugar.

I wondered how the frost decides where to cling to a plant, and how all of that happens. The frost dots are so regular and so orderly and so lovely. And at the edges are the little icy needles of frost that look like they could cut you. But when you touch them, they crumble, of course.

At one point, I stopped and went back a few steps to see some special delight again, only to discover that between the time I'd been there and now (mere seconds, only), the delightful thing was gone. Just like that! Gone!

Ah, friends, I heave a hefty sigh at this point, for October has been so amazing this year, maybe one of the best shows ever. And now October nears its end, as it all begins to fall and the foliage colors start to take their leave of us. (See what I did there?)

Oh, how lovely, how amazing, how glorious, how beautiful, how wonderful, and I am so grateful to live in a place with such delights all around! I hope you got to see the show. As for me, you know what I think of it all: As Freddie might say, It's a Kind of Magic! And that's JUST my game. :-)

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