Correct me if wrong. I can just about identify robins, sparrows and blue tits.

We met up with Mr B’s brother and sister-in-law, at Milford on Sea. Seemed a good place to meet as heavy rain was possible, and Milford has a few decent Cafes and pub. Had an excellent Vegan English breakfast at the Salt Water café months ago, so we booked a table for 1 pm,

We were supposed to meet at 1130. I’ve got in a muddle with the times changed as I hadn’t changed all the clocks, so left a little late. Then stupidly missed the turning on the A338 (OK ‘evolybab’, ready and waiting for a dig), which added a good 25 minutes to the journey. So arrived very late.

Didn’t really matter as they had the dogs and were walking on the lower gravel path at the end of the main stretch. We caught up with them sitting on a rock, watching some windsurfing acrobatics, by the migratory bird shallow lakes.

Had a lovely inexpensive snack and chat. Hadn’t seen them for ages (summer heat, covid etc).

Blip is taken near where we met. That is an egret isn’t it? Pity I couldn’t get any closer.

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