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By EdwardFenner

@BoraZ -- The Blogfather

Bora Zivkovic, scholar, pioneering science blogger, blogs editor at Scientific American, co-founder of ScienceOnline (and so much more) visited York University today to give a talk "Science and the New Media Ecosystem" to all comers. Bora was invited up by mutual friend John Dupuis. John is my science librarian in my Master's program and has a great blog entitled "Confessions of a Science Librarian" (do check it out). John invite me to join him, his son, Bora, and YorkU's digital media strategist Mark Farmer to have lunch at The Underground. We had lunch and a nice chat all around. Bora's a fascinating and generous man and I learned a lot at the luncheon and at the talk later where I took this photo and several others. Bora is a challenge to photograph. He's very kinetic and animated and makes for an engaging and excited speaker. Shoot enough frames and several will turn out well. Thanks, Bora! It was a pleasure to meet you today!

Bora's blog: "A Blog Around The Clock: Rhythms of Life in Meatspace and Cyberland"

Edward's research blog: "The Smashing Mr. Van de Graaff"

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