Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight

Agios Dimitrios

On the eve of October 25th, that is the eve prior to the day that Agios Dimitris is celebrated and all who bear that name celebrate their nameday; Dimitris, Dimitra, Mitsos, Dimis, Jimmy, Takis, Mimis...all derive from the Greek goddess Demeter. 
Anyway on the eve prior to that date of October 26th religious services are held at dusk at churches and chapels that are devoted to Agios Dimitrios, the city of Thessaloniki celebrates the day too as it's devoted to that Saint.

And here at the Agios Dimitrios iconostasis next to Sweetheart's home the annual celebration was held too. The priest of the nearby church Agios Ioannis / Saint John, had come to do the service and Sweetheart's neighbours from the street had gathered to attend this service.

The lady with the red jacket is a close neighbour, whom I see often.

Excuses for puting up another from Crete, I could show one of Autumnal colors here in Holland, but I prefer this one for today.
And thank you all lots for your reactions upon my latest blips! Much appreciated!! 

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