Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

Drip drip drip

My husband has gone away for the weekend so I'm pleasing myself what I do for the next few days. Hopefully a bit of birding if the weather allows and some more gymnastics to watch will keep me busy. 

Today, after putting more air in the tyres, I popped over to Spike Island again for a walk up the canal as it was so nice. The sun was shining for most of the walk and casting nice reflections on the water. 
I liked the way the water looked golden with the drips coming down from underneath the new bridge.  Maybe it qualifies for Abstract Thursday?? 

Once again there wasn't much around bird wise but I really enjoyed the walk with my camera. 

Just been watching the ladies all around final at the gymnastics - our two girls did amazingly well, with Jessica Gadirova making history taking a bronze medal, with Alice Kinsella finishing in 4th only one tenth or so behind. Absolutely AMAZING! How did we get so good at gymnastics? We used to be rubbish :)
And I'll do some catching up with journals over the next day or so as I am behind...again - sorry about that! 

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