A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Flower Friday 04_2022 :: FF04_2022 :: Iris

Poor BikerBear, today's FF is a double tag to one earlier in the year! 

This morning I had ice outside AND inside both my car and van. At 8.30am when I took this photo it was just under 1° C and frost was covering the sheltered spots. 

I'm surprised this iris is still standing. It is outside my neighbours and all her other irises faded weeks ago. 

In other news a local cable laying company dug up the walkway in front of our houses yesterday, as seen in the photo, to lay the future in high speed cable. We loose the old copper connections, including phone lines, in a year or so. To reach my bungalow they will be digging up mine and a neighbour's block driveway next week. This is because we have a private driveway and if I don't let them do it for free now I could end up in an internet void which may or may not be desirable... 

Have a lovely weekend. ;o)

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