By Hillyblips


Better late than never! I think tonight it was Rex who made an appearance. I haven't seen him for a while but recognise him from his colouring and mane plus he's quite chunky too.

My day started off badly and has ended like that too.

Poppy had an emergency trip to the vets and they have done a battery of tests, (I had visions last night of having to put her down) consequently I've missed my pt bought and paid for and the accounting session this afternoon was protracted because my Sage programme wouldn't work and we were on the phone for at least a couple of hours minimum to their help line. Wonderful.

No blip in the bag so I resorted to the fox shot only it's Friday night and they were obviously out partying so didn't come in till late by which time the dogs wanted to go outside and chased him off. Shit happens.

Tomorrow is another day.

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