Endless Weekend

By Endless_Weekend


I've been looking at recipes for a while here, trying to find some thing to make for Sunday dinner, but also to cook for my dear friend.  Her husband entered hospice this week and I think he's going to pass way too quickly.  She is so unprepared for this, and she has been unwell herself.  And I found myself thinking how unprepared I feel in these situations.  I send her a loving note every day, I will be there for her when he goes, but how do I help?  What is the "right thing"? We grew up with all sorts of funny little rules, like never go to someone's house without bringing something, or other things I can't think of now.  It's in these situations that I wish I could ask my mother for advice, what would she do.  But maybe she was just as unprepared for these things as I am.  Maybe she had to figure it out as she went.  Maybe this is when we really become grownups. 

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