By RogMull

Across the Forth.....

I didn't manage my early morning Blip, as phone calls started even earlier! I've been writing a report, and fielding numerous calls today. One call was from Steve in Ayrshire. He asked if I had been out in the sun, to which I had to say I didn't even know the sun was shining. (I've no windows in my little home office).

Just in case he was telling fibs, I ventured out for five minutes, camera in hand, and what do you know...its sunny. And the garden looks good in the sun as I took this shot looking over the Forth.

Upstream from this shot they are building the new Forth Bridge, and last week I was chatting to one government Minister about the competition to name it. He was a wee bit disappointed his favourite suggestion didn't even make the shortlist. His favourite was a simple one word: "Kevin". Now that would have been different. And I'm sure Kevin Bridges would be a happy comedian at the thought!

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