By PicturePoems

Keeping Warm

Here's the empty shell of a little girl of three:
No arms inside the sleeves, and not one foot.
No curly head or giggle, no twinkling eye or smile.
No face at all to peep out from the hood.

Yet well can I imagine her inside this cuddly suit,
Wellies grounding legs, fleshed out and strong.
Curious hands extending from each warmly waving sleeve
And a happy face that sings a snowy song.

Already autumn's changing and the air is growing cold.
And soon the little snow-suit will be filled.
I can picture her already snuggled safe inside its warmth,
Playing cheerfully, without becoming chilled.

© Celia Warren 2022

The 'snowy song' line is not there just for the rhyme. LMB, for whom we bought this snow-suit, often sings while she plays, making up words to accompany what is going on. I think she's been fed such a diet of poetry, lyrics and music that it's now in her blood. 

The other day Mrs B was saying that LMB needed an all-in-one warm suit. Today I saw this one in Morrison's and bought it. I've sent her pictures and it's just what she was looking for. Now we're both looking forward to seeing it on its intended occupant. It's a bit silly photographing it empty - but it is Silly Saturday, the fun challenge created by the much-admired, and much-missed admirer.

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