I want to believe

By NDavMc

My Week in Stamps.

Before you get carried away and assume I'm a stamp collector stop....

Over the past week I have cut myself on no less than 4 occasions, it started with slicing my finger on a cut throat razor in the attic (see blip), I then took the top off 2 of my knuckles while under the car, followed by yesterday with my leg bleeding, but thankfully the dogs cleaned that up for me. Then today I stabbed my finger on a rusty nail sticking out inside of a letterbox, getting blood on the mail, my hands & my uniform. I'm normally not this much of a flid.

That brings me today blip which in away sums up my past few days. It's a Red Cross themed stamp featuring letters and a post box, I think this stamp was commissioned especially for me this week. I have a load of stamps I bought of eBay last year, cause me and Miss Poondash were having a competition at the time to see who could make the best wedding innovation. After she said my input would be minimal in a wedding as my ideas are strange.

Suffice to say I beat her hands down...

In fact I might put the invitation up as tomorrows blip, which will explain the stamps better.

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