By EcoShutterBug

Fika Team-NZ

I was born in Denmark, but then our family emigrated to New Zealand in 1955. My parents imported the Scandinavian coffee culture with us, so I was well caffeinated from primary school age: I would take 3-4 cups before school before skipping down the road to learn; one when I got home to celebrate; and maybe a couple after dinner to make sure I slept well.  I will donate my kidneys to science when I die.

All this means I well understand Swedes reverence for their “Fikas”, which Heanku has nominated as the theme for today’s Mono Monday.  The link he provided basically refers to it as coffee break with good company – think having a ‘fix’.
New Zealand has now developed a similar coffee culture with its own styles. During our recent visit to Europe, we discovered that you up there just don’t understand what a “Long Black” is. It’s basically a good double Espresso without milk and diluted by about half with hot water, stupid. That makes it closer to a decent Italian Espresso than to a weasel-piss “Americano”.  Also, pretty much no European baristas understands our NZ favourite - the “Flat White” - it is about halfway between a latte and Italian “Macchiato” and the milk is scolded but not as foaming as your fluffy stuff.
I like most things about getting old but losing immunity to coffee is not one of them. Unfortunately, these days a 1 pm coffee curfew must be heeded if I’m to have a chance of sleep.

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