Life through the lens...

By ValC

Ginnels and snickets.

I have just spent a very enjoyable afternoon walking with the North Kirklees Ramblers.
Today’s walk was entitled “ The Ginnels and Snickets of Birstall. “.
Apparently a Snicket is a narrow passage / short cut which is open topped.
A Ginnel is similar, but is covered over.
However nowadays I think the two names sometimes mean the same thing.

We started at Oakwell Hall and the walked through the woods.
From there we went up and down this way and that, Through so many narrow paths, snickets and ginnels. Not sure I could ever find the way again. Certainly round places I hadn’t been before.
We passed The Old Hall which dates back to 1700. Walked through the market place where there is a statue of Joseph Priestley. He was born at Flieldhead, Birstall and was the person who discovered oxygen.
The weather was mild. Perfect for walking. Not good for photos as the light wasn’t too good.
A very friendly group. Look forward to joining them again when there is a walk over our way.

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