Wandering off

By EcoShutterBug2

Colour rain

The Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) made the splashes of colour from Rhododendron flowers, canopy light gaps, and tree leaves streak together to seem like a glorious shower of coloured rain.
Some ardent detractors of ICM playfully refer to it as “Blurry sh*t”. One prominent photographer running a workshop I was attending dismissed it as gimmicky and a fashion that will soon pass.  Maybe? But who cares?

I’ve found ICM surprising, frustrating, and sometimes very pleasing.  I think ICM is working like a suppository for me!  It certainly is helping me free-up and let go of the traditional rules of crisp focus and firmly structured composition. I hope ICM can help me discover the margin for minimum form and structure to give sufficient coherence in the image. I’ve added an ‘Extra Photo’ with slightly more structure, “Floral carpet” for a first comparison.

These are the sixth and seventh  images in the “Tunnel vision” series from Friday 4 November 2022.

I call the image “Colour rain” but I also considered “Colours reign”- in most cases it seems that colour evokes the main emotional responses (negative and positive) to most images, certainly for me anyway. So I’m a bit uncertain about when monochrome is the appropriate choice to enhance the image or amplify the emotion.

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