By MsQuizzical

Stink Bug?

The southern green shield bug arrived in the UK from Ethiopia in 2003. I saw my first as an early instar this summer. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I saw one behind MrQ's head climbing up the wall of the garden room. I photographed the fifth final instar nymph of one today on asparagus foliage in the glasshouse. They're very variable. Mine is almost black with white spots. They can be green with white, pink, black and white markings.

In the US shield bugs are known as stink bugs. Blippers there have told how they come indoors and get into clothing and make it smell when they release a horrible scent a bit like coriander as a defence mechanism. So far we haven't experienced this from shield bugs in the UK. Southern green shield bugs are pests of peppers, tomatoes and runner beans.  

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