Jan's View

By HarlingDarling


In the middle of the night it was white everywhere, a good covering of fresh snow. By morning it looked like this, and by lunch time it was all gone. But it's the first proper fall of the season, so it has to be recorded.

In other news, I worked with a few others on removing the election material from our office and then on my own I rearranged the furniture and created a more airy feel. There have been grumblings about how crowded it is, so this is my attempt to appease those members. Great to get rid of a lot of unused paper, but also  a sad waste of trees.

We ate dinner with Rose and then saw a rather lovely film from India, Last Film Show. Beautiful scenes, interesting focus on light and how films actually work, and a definite feel-good film. We came home and had a catch up with our Blackburn beloveds, which brings the day to a very satisfactory close.

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