Wandering off

By EcoShutterBug2

Into blue

Last week I was determined to try to bust out of my usual photography approaches and try something new.  The result was a series of Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) images from the Rhododendron Dell in Dunedin Botanic Garden.  I posted the first and second of these as “Tunnel Vision” and “Emergence” in my main blip account on 4th and 5th November.  Then, in a rush of blood to my head, I decided to create this second Blip account to carry bursts of images like these around a particular theme or story.  This 'EcoShutterbug2' account will also serve to catch random spillover from the main account

I would now like to tidy up by collecting the complete series of images that started with “Tunnel Vision” in the one place here on EcoShutterBug2.  But I don’t want to subject you to republishing of the first two images again.  Instead, they are now loaded as Extra Photos attached to this “Back Blip” of another image that I took right at the start.

Tunnel vision” (1st extra) expresses my growing awareness that I’m rather timid in my image making.  I need to unlock some imagination. “Emergence” (2nd extra) also expresses my stuck place, looking out from the dark.

The feature image here is called “Into blue” to reflect my quest to go somewhere else ... goodness knows where yet ... but somewhere up and out of here. It's an ICM of flowering Rhododendron trees in Dunedin Botanic Garden, taken with me lying on the forest floor and sweeping the camera upwards. The upward energy of the image is what I want for myself.

[Apologies to those that have followed this narrative earlier – once this initial back blip is in place, the admin realignment will be all done]

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