By D77


This is Hamed, a village boy from Khasab. His absence rate is astronomical, but he tends to turn up for the monthly quiz where he struggles through the paper as best he can. Today saw the last of these monthly quizzes, hence his surprise appearance (albeit 15 minutes late).

Our college provides Omanis like Hamed with an opportunity for education and employment in the tourism industry they would otherwise not be privy to as their school marks are too low. The problem (I should say the irony) is that the students we get from these remote villages have very little in the way of language skills, motivation or anything that remotely resembles an ability to study and therefore seldom complete the first year, let alone graduate. Every now and again though, one of them will surprise you.

Not this guy though. His language has improved a little, but nowhere near as much as the other Khasab guys in my class who have exemplary attendance. Still, he's a nice guy and good for classroom dynamics when he turns up.

And willing to pose for blip of course, which is a bonus.

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