By Rebekah

Love Hate Relationship

Here are Tanya and Zahra, who actually do love each other lots. Who knew it was possible to look to happy and chilled whilst choking someone?!

Ry left Leam this morning, and I worked in the garden till about 3. Went on to campus, picked up a coursework grade, and met Yasi really randomly whilst I was sat on a bench and she was walking past. It was like fate. I love this girl so much and we really should hang out more. Yas came alone with me to the Terrace Bar at 6, to meet the other girls from my house: Tanya, Zahra, Becki, Helen, Harriet & Lucy. We were celebrating Tanya & Becki handing in their last essays. Large glass of wine in the sun on the terrace ... just wonderful.

Had Latin Night with Warwick Salsa this evening which was great. I don't know if I was slightly delirious from working so much/whether the wine affected me more than I realised but I was just in one of those giggly moods where everything seems just hilarious. Especially Becca Reid doing a "King Kong" impression.

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