By Shutterup


Washed and dried (drying here)  and ironed now.  I need to look at the repairs I need to make at some point.  I have some of the original red material in a box upstairs (I hope. .. I don't think I threw it out in my Great Clear Out of 2022!) The extra is for my own memory jog..the edge stitch in thick thread was still so strong it felt wrong to cut it away but needs must.  I would like to try to stitch it back again in the same method. 
It was strangely warm today although there was no drooth in the air.. I hung out some linen after washing and although it blew about a fair bit in the warm air it barely dried and the grass remained glistening damp all day.  I think it reached 16C which is bizarrely warm for November. 
The cat enjoyed it and stayed out till (far too late for the doors to be left open) 6.30 ish and after tucking in to a bowl of biscuits curled up in her bed and hasn't moved since!
We watched a movie tonight ... Enola Holmes.. a strange but quite fun film. I don't think I am terribly taken with the character speaking to the camera style.. but the story was .. different.

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