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By Notexisitinblip

I've Been Naughty New Camera Purchase

Aren't I naughty. I was browsing a few nights ago, For overseas blippers who don't know what trademe is, it's a lot like, eBay, but Kiwi owned and operated and by far the best online trading site in New Zealand.

I entered the DSLR section, and browsed lowest buy now price, then i spotted my soon to be second body. An excellent condition, barely used, Canon EOS 10D. Included was a 28-80 Tamron Variable Apeture zoom lens (Which i admit is louder than the neighbors music at 12am), A battery grip, 2 batteries, and manual that is about the size of a novel! All overnight couriered to me, all wrapped up everything included for $220 NZD. People may screw their nose up and say "Oh it's 10 years old it must be horrible", It has it's downsides, Such as: The screens resolution is 118k compared to 1000K res on my Canon 60D, the screen is 1.8" as well. The buffer is small. But the image quality is fantastic! 6.3mp Is perfect! "But that's rubbish my phones more than that", oh dear, must i go on about sensor size now!

Although i can justify the camera, as i'm getting busier than ever with photography work!

Anyway expect some Blip's from the Metal covered Over 1KG Camera!



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