Support Your Local Butcher (s)!

This is Martin from Northrop Butchers who handily have a shop just around the corner from our office. They are a proper traditional butcher selling a good selection of excellent meat, poultry and game, and even vegetables! Always ready to give sound advice, they really know their product, are good value and clearly have a fine sense of humour ;)

In a couple of months some friends are opening a butcher in our village, which means I'll be able to walk to a butcher from work or home, how excellent is that! Like Northrops I'm sure that Rob, Clare and the boys or 'Ashcroft and Sons' will be a proper butcher, I know from some product testing we've done with them (the merguez are excellent) that their values are spot on, as I know the products will be and I'm sure they will see the same level of support that Matt the dancing baker and also the newly opened Linton Kitchen have enjoyed.

The other exciting news is the small matter of Igentics winning an award..

A Webby no less To say I am pleased would be a massive understatement. Considering a few years ago we were a purely technical agency, to design an award winning site, for the IPA no less.... Great work from everyone involved.


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