By Bella888

Orange scarf, blue sky, green grass

Knee specialist for Mr B this morning. He suspects a cartilage problem, and has arranged a MRI for tomorrow morning.

Got off the bus a couple of stops early and walked back via the clifftop. Bright sun, but chillier. Sat in the garden while Mr B prepared a salad. Then remembered a 2nd homer ‘S’ was here for a few days and we had planned to meet up, so texted. I met her in the garden with her husband, after I’d had my salad.

Electrician at 3. Work completed. All good. Love my new LEDs.

Blip is for Ingeborg’s ‘Abstract Thursday’, them ‘colour’. Took this pic of my Nespresso Travel Mug (containing hot soup). Loved the colours reflected in the sun.

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