So much rain......

and so much water! It rained all day today, again! I had a lovely morning with two friends at the Hive in Nenthead, drinking coffee and eating toasted tea cakes. It is good to spend a couple of hours in jolly company when the world outside is very gloomy. Unfortunately despite the radiators being extremely hot the room was not and in the end we felt we were chilled enough. The cafe is a lovely room but unfortunately is open up into the second floor where I guess was where all the heat was zooming off to! None-the-less it was an enjoyable morning.
I walked Reg round the village in the afternoon after donning all my wet weather gear. Reg was not thrilled but still insisted on stopping to sniff numerous times despite the wet. We have to cross a little bridge at the side of the road, where there is no pavement, and this waterfall runs down the bank and under the bridge. It was very full today and very brown, obviously churning up all the mud as it galloped off the hills and down the bank. I was pleased to get the air and the walk but pleased to get home and dry.

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