Blips by cb

By cbimages

Serpentine . . .

. . . is the shape of the Cobb at Lyme Regis, and I like the viewpoint from the west, with the sun behind the camera.  The high cliff on the right-hand edge is Golden Cap, the highest point on the south coast; my father-in-law, a native of Dorset, used to climb to the top whenever he was visiting his home turf, even into his eighties.

It was a glorious day on which to buzz down to the coast electrically.  I could not decide which camera to take, so I took almost all of it (!), including my DJI UAS, the Mini 3 Pro.  It was a bit windy but not too much for this hardy little device and the sun shone just as I was retrieving it from over the sea.

The Extra shows the end of the rocky breakwater; the difference in colour is probably because the sun was behind a cloud for that view.

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