By dogwithnobrain

People fall in love in mysterious ways

Himself and I spent time in Paris over a birthday (a big birthday)

We dined on the river Seine, we cricked our necks at Moulin Rouge, watched the Mime Artists on the steps at Sacre Cour; gazed in awe at the stained glass in Notre Damme; we climbed Le Tour Eiffel and we boarded a red bus.

The most exciting part of the red bus was driving past Rodin Musee.. Rodin’s Thinker sits in the gardens. I was beyond excited to see it. And that glimpse was all I needed.

I’m not a knowledgeable art critic I just know what I like, this along with The Kiss, and the Three Graces are my favourites.

Since Boy arrived in Paris I have repeatedly asked ‘have you seen the Thinker’. Today indeedy they did; and also introduced me to a new Sculpture which I believe has just overtaken Thinker. .. The Waltz; by Claudel

Oh that’s now on my wish list

In other news we did housework Today; and yesterday Himself put up loads of pictures which we have had waiting to go up for ages. I Bought a new vacuum and we did our shopping. I watched three episodes of Ted Lasso again. How I love that programme and I completed my 134 day of Duolingo

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