By dunkyc

Three queues outside Morecambe, Lancashire

I did not sleep well at all last night.

A combination of a stressful week, over tiredness and a delicious, but late Chinese food all contrived to prevent sleep. Taking a herbal sleeping thing at 3am to try and knock myself out did not help and I spend the morning feeling pretty stoned, but not in a good way.

In the first of three queues, LadyV and I took a stroll into Morecambe to see the Mars exhibit at the Winter Gardens and really enjoyed it. Not bad for three quid!

We then queued inside the neighbouring Costa and just as we reach our turn, LadyV promptly declared that we weren’t getting drinks from there as the barista was putting her hand inside the cups before filling them. I wouldn’t have argued at the best of times, but my stoned state led me to simply dutifully follow on behind her ladyship.

The final queue of the day was at another Costa deemed more hygienic by the good lady. She bagged a seat and then took pleasure in taking photos of me of standing in the queue. Our reward? Two decidedly sub-standard hot chocolates, but nice cakes.

We mooched a little more after that before I headed off home via a clothing drop-off to the wee ones, mum, where I had a cuddle with a sickly m’boy (he’s fine now) and got to meet their new kittens; Pickle and Mouse.

It was a welcome collapse onto the sofa thereafter where I was able to enjoy the delights of Strictly in Blackpool.

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