Busy day.

It has been a busy day. We are having our living room carpet cleaned tomorrow, so we had to remove all our clutter today. Have we too many things? Should some be sold or go to the charity shop? It made us think.
Then, just before lunch we were visited by Alex and his wife who had come to take away Norman’s lathe. He has had it more than twenty years and had a lot of fun with it. He made some beautiful bowls, candlesticks and even some little spinning tops. Now his hands aren’t strong enough, so it has gone to “Men’s Shed”, a social group for retired men. It was a two hour job to dismantle the lathe and it’s bench. Now Norman is wondering what to put in the space! I am sure it will soon get filled up. It was sad to see the lathe go, but it makes sense.
Meanwhile the Christmas cactus gets better and better.

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