By rockit

(323) OFFS!

Got out for a couple of hours on the mountain bike this afternoon for some local trail action. I discovered a few more routes around Glenrothes that are new to me, got a bit muddy, enjoyed a bit of sunshine, and didn't fall off. That would have been the end of this entry if I hadn't managed to find something sharp hidden among fallen leaves on a cycle path on the way home. I'm guessing it was a piece of glass as the tyre instantly deflated from a 2 cm cut between the tread pattern. Fortunately, I was only a 20 minute walk from home but in those 20 minutes a great many profanities were uttered. When I got home I put an inner tube in the tyre (I usually run tubeless) but when up to 40psi the cut was obvious, so I'm going to have to replace the tyre, which is very annoying as it's only a done a couple of hundred miles. The extra shot is from one of the very wet paths I rode when I still had both tyres intact. 

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