By Charente

Another kitchen shot!!

The weather is foul, dark and grey, with almost continuous rain! The kitchen pot rack was the best I could come up with.
I have mostly spent the day at the computer catching up with emails and blogs, I have got so far behind.
My fruit day, so no cooking for me today. 
The Dr has been in touch with me, and he says from the blood results he sees no major problem as to why my heart rate is so high most of the time.   He still thinks it is post COVID and it should settle down again of its own accord.  I just must be patient.  Meanwhile, I just must keep an eye on it.  I so want to go our walking, but, in this weather, I am better off staying at home.  I do not want to have to go out and then phone Mr C to come and collect me if I do not feel well.  It also means I must stick to roads that he knows and can get to with the car. At least I know that there is nothing major.
Thank you for all the comments and stars on my soup yesterday.  I am glad that I now have a few days supply if the weather remains like today and the forecast is not very cheerful.

Keep well and take care, have a good Tuesday everyone.

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